Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Jack recently went to Connemara, Ireland... at least in spirit. Actually the background is a wall mural recently installed at the offices of Celtic Outdoor, LLC of the Ma'am Valley near Connemara, Ireland. Jack thought it looks pretty neat and the company it came from was worth letting you know about. Called "Limitless Walls", they are based in North Carolina and have an image library numbering in the thousands. If you can think of a place, chances are they have an image of it that you can turn into wallpaper. Just let them know the dimensions(in this case 9 foot high by 12 foot long) and give them a week or so and your mural will arrive. Baseball stadiums. National Parks. Paris Bistros. African Plains. Great website. Jack just thought he'd let you know about this unique company, based here in North Carolina.

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