Thursday, March 1, 2018

Jack says you don’t need to turn on your irrigation systems just yet. He says you can do your “Spring Start Up”, test that everything works, see if you incurred any damage over the Winter, even leave the system pressurized… but you don’t need to run it. Not yet.

Here, at Celtic Outdoor, LLC, we receive a high volume of requests at this time of the year, every year, requesting us to start up irrigation systems. The first 65 degree day gets people thinking about Spring and golf and… running their irrigation systems.

Here in the Piedmont Region of the Carolinas we don’t typically need to regularly run our irrigation systems on fescue turf until mid to late April. If the turf is Bermuda, that can be pushed back into late May.

While annual flowers might need a drink when they are newly planted, in April, established plants and grass really won’t need watering until much later. Turf benefits significantly from watering less than we typically see. It drives the roots deeper, in search of water. This makes for a healthier blade, improved drought tolerance, higher disease resistance and a lower water bill.

Jack says he sees 20 and 30 year old lawns that can’t make it 72 hours without water, because the clients have turned them into water addicts. Try weaning the water back to twice a week until the temperatures get above the 80 degree mark. We bet you’ll end up with some greener grass down the road… and save some of a precious resource.

Thanks, Jack! We know you are just looking out for us!

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